How much does it cost to build a website?

You have a web idea and now wonder that How much does it cost to build a website? Web development costs start from $500 (for a simple WP site) arrive $20 CZK (for a website that is highly customized to do great things like social networking or video streaming) or even more. But that’s a huge spread, isn’t it? So how do you know how much your “Web Development Project” will cost? Well, in this article we will help you determine the “Scale” and “Type” of your web project and the corresponding cost ranges with some easy to understand examples and ideas.

As you may have seen before, we have written several in-depth articles on the cost of creating mobile apps in the past, there are even app cost calculator must have appeared on this page by now. Now this post of ours will be our sincere attempt to answer the question about How much does it cost to build a website?

Similar to the cost to develop an app, the cost of developing a website will also vary according to the size, type, complexity of the website and of course your budget and the location of the developer. (foreign, near shore, local). The web today is smarter and smoother than ever. With the use of advanced and secure technologies and frameworks such as angle, node.js, reactjs, vuejs, AI engine, chatbots combined with the power of AWS services – today’s web can do practically any function you want them to in the fastest and most secure way.

All you need is a solid team of web application developers (front end developers, backend developers, full stack developers), web designers and testers web to create and launch your web application.

There are 3 main ways you can develop your web application as follows:

1. You do it yourself this is not always easier unless you know or teach yourself web coding. To be able to develop your own web project you will need to learn technologies like anglejs, node.js or php, laravel and html, jss, jquery and can spend a lot (lots!) of time on writing code . This method is the most cost effective but not business wise as it takes a lot of your time to handle the business side of things.

2. Rent one web developer hourly basis you pay them when they work on your project. To have a good web project, you will need to hire one or all of the following people –

Hire a Front end developer / anglejs who knows html, jquery, css. (Starting at $18/hour)
Hire a full stack developer (someone who knows both anglejs and nodejs and related technologies). (Starting at $22/hour)
– Hire a Backend Developer / Node.js developer who knows DB programming. (Starting at $18/hour)
– Hire a PHP Developer / Laravel Developer / Codeigniter Developer in case you are using LAMP Stack. (Starts at $15/hour)
– Hire DevOps Engineers. (Starting at $30/hour)
– Hire a UI/UX Designer who creates designs in photoshop or sketch. (Starting at $12/hour)
– Hire a Web Test Engineer. (Starting at $12/hour)

Know that one person usually can’t do all that a web development project needs and hiring an hourly team can be really expensive if you haven’t done it before. It works great for on-going/current web projects when you know how to handle a team of web developers/designers yourself, or if you have a management team at your end. But if you are a web startup or mobile startup, it is not advisable to hire by the hour.

3. Hire web development companies This is the best way to make your website most efficient, faster and most professional. You can hire a web development company on a fixed project basis for a fixed price and then they will take care of the rest. A web development company like Agicent will assign your project to a web team that includes all types of web developers, designers, and supervisors. You’ll only be concerned with delivering projects, not managing your team on a day-to-day basis. You define your web features and get a flat price from us and then we deliver on the price.

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Now let’s discuss How much does it cost to build a website? using 3rd method is Hiring a web development company in India on a fixed price basis by dividing website projects into various types and sizes with examples:

Type 1 – A simple wordpress website with a simple design, from 5 to 10 pages, with only text and images and a request form, and possibly a blog that will cost anywhere from $1000 to up to $2000. Such sites usually take a ton. no more than 10 days to develop and no complex coding or database programming required.

A good example of this simple website is the landing page website for SmartIRX App – Some other similar landing pages are,

Category 2 – Functional Web Apps that perform several functions beyond just displaying text or videobe it an e-commerce cart made with magento or a small social network, or a job search site, or a two-way communication site between school and parents that will cost you the word ​​$5000 to $10,000.

Such websites are very useful, perform some important functions like the examples cited above, and have custom designs and custom code implemented according to the specifications provided. These sites are not plug and play CMS driven sites, but are intelligently created.”Web Application” deal with data computations, custom UI flows, databases, and more. A good example might be a lawyer search site like Accessq or a news site like

Type 3 – Highly functional web app with powerful custom backend CMS, Admin Panel and large dynamic contentsuch sites do everything as Second Category Web Apps MORE they perform more functions such as handling user-generated content, photos, images, multimedia editing, handling various properties of user profiles, ensuring the content is displayed at high quality. best on desktop, mobile and tablet and what not. Even the backend admins of such sites are highly customized and not standard people with features. Such sites are priced anywhere from $12000 to $25000 and possibly more if the work is of a continuous nature. A good example of such a web app is or the Doctors dashboard of (Try signing up to see some function – comprehensive EMR dashboard for doctors!).

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Category 4 Comprehensive web projects also syncs with the respective Mobile App, the app is wearable and does everything a category 3 web app does MORE they handle more complex levels of user data, enable more functionality for end users, and have an excellent level of privacy and security settings for everyone. A good social network (not the social giant facebook) that doesn’t have many users with a large amount of functionality like a buy and sell website (like or a real estate portal can be the ones. examples. Such projects are of course developed over time and incur costs as they progress, not all at once.

Type 5 Enterprise web application – These custom web applications are usually created for business users or Enterprise users that perform very specific IT jobs to solve any problem or to improve the operations of an organization. While there are many pre-packaged products available for organizations to use for their ERP operations and needs, your request for a custom web application to solve your own “organizational problems” will not never decrease. Such apps can cost as low as $2K but most of them cross the $10K mark because of their unique nature, complexity, and problem-solving capabilities. A warehouse might create a custom app to store scanned boxes data at each cash register, or an organization would want to create a sales summary app for salespeople that is integrated with existing ERP their like SAP, etc

Category 6 Custom content publishing tools and admin panels for websites and mobile apps and they are usually done as part of a mobile app development project. A standard Admin panel can cost you between $1500 and $2500 while a highly customized one can go up to $5k or more. The users of such web applications are usually web or application administrators so no big UI work is needed, but of course a lot of the subtle logic work is done here.

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These are some of the “most common types of web project portfolios” that we deal with on a regular basis and that’s why quote these to answer the question How much does it cost to build a website? how much? However, every web project (or application project) is creative and different and therefore it is important to prepare a custom quote for a “custom web development project” rather than just set category labels and pricing.

Business analysts at Agile App Company work closely with you to gather your project requirements and summarize those requirements into a meaningful Scope document. They will ask you various questions to determine the feature list and that is the basis for preparing a web development quote. The analyst then works with the web developer team to establish feature feasibility, time required for implementation, and delivery sequence, and then sends you a customized web development proposal. correction.

We provide no obligation Free project scoping, analysis and estimation servicefor anyone who wants to create a web project. All you need to do is send us an inquiry via [email protected] or call 347-467-1089 and discuss your project. We will rest as Professional Web Developers at your service. We also wrote an article about Top Mockups and Wireframing Tools for App Developmentso to check it out click on the link provided.

We hope this article will help those who are looking for the answer to the question How much does it cost to build a website? If you have any professional tips, comments or even criticism then post the same in the comments and we will be happy to update our article to mention your credit.


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