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Building a perfect app is not a big deal. There are various applications and software available in the market that have made this task relatively easier. The main thing every app developer has to face once after launch is maintenance. This is a recurring and important task that contributes to the success of an application. One needs to work consistently on security, safety, and glitch features so that users can enjoy a seamless experience.

It is always recommended that developers consider various things like the development cost of the application and its maintenance to avoid sudden burden in case anything unpredictable happens. .

If we talk about industry standards application maintenance costs, it is in the range of 15-20% of the application development cost. To categorize different things, we have compiled this guide for you.

How much does it cost to maintain an app?

Mobile apps are generally the primary source for connecting users with your business in the long run. Technology is changing quite rapidly and so are applications. To ensure secure protocols, it is important for developers to deliver a seamless and error-free application. So it is quite important for a person to keep maintaining their application regularly.

If we talk about the cost of maintaining an application, it depends on different factors. Right from the technology used to create the same platform on which the application is being built, from its complexity to the features involved, different things help determine the overall maintenance cost of the application. use. Almost right cost of maintaining an app somewhere between 15-20% of the development cost.

Below, we will introduce you to some of the top factors that affect the maintenance cost of an application.

Features include

The average maintenance cost depends on different things. If you are factoring in maintenance costs, make sure to include the cost of creating content, promotional activities, creating graphics, purchasing media elements, etc.


Regular upgrades of hosting services and services also have a greater impact on the overall maintenance costs of applications. These are often the things that improve an application’s safety and security measures.

Regular maintenance

Everyone wants an up-to-date app, and that’s why they try to integrate new technology into it. Furthermore, code modifications and different upgrade platforms also affect maintenance costs to a greater extent.

Additional services

The addition of features like servers, push notifications, introduction of payment gateways, and other unpredictable events also have the most impact on application maintenance costs.

What are the factors to consider in order to know the cost of application maintenance?

It is quite easy for one to control overall maintenance costs once after knowing the basics. If you also want to know how much does application maintenance cost? and what exactly are the key factors that affect the overall maintenance cost of an application in 2021, just take a look at some things We are offering you below:

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The complexity of the application

The fundamental factor contributing to the maintenance cost of an application in 2021 is the complexity of the application. Everyone wants advanced apps with more and more features, screens and more. But keep in mind that if you add these, it will increase your maintenance costs to the greatest extent. More to it, maintenance costs will also increase with the involvement of higher technology or framework for its development.

Combination app

The smartphones available in the market depend on different operating systems. Everyone likes to have something they like best. Android and iOS platforms are the top two operating systems preferred by the majority of users. Do you know the basic factor behind the success of an application and its use? Most of the time developers prefer to create hybrid apps that can work efficiently on both Android and iOS operating systems. But if you did, just keep in mind that the maintenance cost will also be higher than the maintenance cost of the same app for both platforms.

Third-party integration

The integration of third-party sources also increases the overall maintenance cost of an application. Much more will be your application being closely linked to various external sources like payment platforms, social media services, higher will be the overall maintenance cost of your application. To keep it simple for you, the maintenance cost of a simple photo editing app is usually quite lower than that of a news app.

Application development team position

The maintenance cost of an application also varies greatly by location. You may need to pay maintenance costs around $50-150 per hour in the US but it could be somewhere between $25-60 per hour in Eastern and Central Europe. While if we talk about the cost of maintaining the app in India it is quite low and you can easily do it by paying $10-30 per hour.

The application maintenance costs are being charged as either annual or monthly fixed costs or total allocated hours per month. The overall maintenance cost for an application is somewhere between 15-20% of its total investment during the development phase. Please check ours application development cost calculator if you want to know how much it costs to create an app.

4 Important Steps to Maintain Your App

1. Build your app well from the ground up

If you are going to build an app from scratch and is now ready to save money on its maintenance, which becomes quite important for one who has to keep the maintenance in mind. The best you can do in this league is choose a functional platform that’s fairly extensible. Make sure that the platform you are using is quite reliable and includes modern technology that always gives you up-to-date results.

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Furthermore, testing, performance, security, and compatibility are some of the other factors that you need to invest in. Test material is one of the perfect ways to enjoy application maintenance and future support.

Don’t forget to add the appropriate feature set in your app and also try to prevent unnecessary features from being used. Before you start building your app you can take some time and think and maybe even get the help of a business analyst to look at what features and specifications you can add to your app to -provide the best user experience.

2. Care about scalability

The next thing you have to take care of is scalability. If you are willing to reduce your application maintenance costs in the future, it is important that you check that the architecture of your application and the server infrastructure are perfect enough to handle the traffic. higher access or not. Continue with a progressive approach and keep in mind that the number of app users will increase every day.

Just make sure your app is pretty good to ensure smooth operation. Upgrading the services on your app is the perfect way to make sure your app runs smoothly.

3. Stick with your team

Developers should stick with their team to achieve operational efficiency. Every time you change your development team, it takes them longer to get used to your projects to learn about the technologies used, how they work and their pros and cons, etc.

So if you are willing to reduce maintenance costs in the future, working with the same team becomes quite important for you, that’s why you should choose the best ones. application development company right from the start. Not only does it speed up your maintenance process, but it also makes it pretty seamless.

4. Check your analytics

Once you’ve created your app, you can use analytics to check which features are quite useful to you and which are being overlooked by users. You can find different factors that are affecting the performance of your application and then add changes accordingly.

Types of mobile application development maintenance

Update and improve the app

Updates and enhancements are some of the most important aspects of any application maintenance section. If we talk about the most active apps available in the market, most of them can get around 1 to 4 updates per month. Not only does it improve overall performance and security, but it also makes them more reliable and user-friendly. The major service and app updates related to this segment are:

Updated with the integration of new features and content

  • Design improvements and customization
  • Improve existing features
  • Update required to support newer OS versions
  • Integrate third-party frameworks or APIs
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Application monitoring service

These services depend on the complexity of the application and the size of the application. Your application will be more complex, it will require checkpoints to handle external issues.

Application support and integration

Application integration and support tasks are handled by the owner or relevant authorities. These services are often integrated into existing infrastructure during the development phase to check for various related issues.

How much does it cost to keep an app up and running?

Well, those are the main queries that hit everyone’s mind whenever it comes to creating and managing an app. Calculating the exact cost of running an application is quite difficult. It involves many predictable and unpredictable factors making the overall process quite complex. However, there are still several other measures we can take to calculate the expected cost of running an application. If you are interested in knowing exactly what they are, just check out the references we are giving you below.

  • Cost of hiring a developer or development company
  • Unforeseen maintenance costs of the application
  • Average cost to maintain an app
  • Market position
  • Type of technology used
  • Upgrade
  • App Marketing Strategies


Application development and maintenance is a never-ending process. Right from adding updates to solving problems, there’s a lot more that goes hand in hand. The costs on an application don’t end with its creation, it begins with it. One needs to pay about 15-20% of an application’s development cost to maintain it for a year. In addition, you can know the cost of creating an application without calculating the cost of developing an application. It is quite important that developers do their best to retain users. The guide is specially designed to give you information about how much does it cost to maintain an app. It will be a great help for all those who are currently searching for the query, how much does it cost to keep an app. We have tried to add different related topics here so that you can get an exact idea of ​​similar topic.

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