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Through online we can find a lot of markets. While all of those platforms support NFT transfers, it has its own main purpose and followers. Looking at the Rarible platform, it is famous for its 3D art, style and repetition.

Rarible was founded in 2020 by Alex Salnikov, the famous marketplace for NFT trading. This is a Non Fungible Token marketplace built on Ethereum. Here you can mint, list, buy and sell your NFTs.

Why do we need to track on Rarible?

Rarible has a lot of artists and user accounts. It is not as simple as maintaining other social media platforms. So to get information or knowledge from your favorite users or creators or sellers, you need to follow them. Furthermore, you need to review those accounts regularly for your chance to acquire the rare NFT.

Here you can check all your following members in the “after” tab. If you want to unfollow them, in any case, you can do that in a second. With this feature you can get maximum profit and can collect the required rare NFTs and add it to your collection.

Rarible Platform Highlights

The following four features are unique and popular ones that Rarible offers to its customers, regardless of price.

  1. Create NFT for free

Do you want to use Rarible without paying for gas? Yes, you can create NFTs for free in two ways.

  1. Lazy Mining on Ethereum:

Lazy Minting is made by Rarible programmers. Without blockchain involvement, you can mint a token in the Rarible platform. Conversely, anyone who takes action on your NFT or buys or transfers, they will first pay the gas fee. It means your customer will charge an extra amount. However, Rarible expects and recommends using this Lazy Minting only for the first few NFTs on Ethereum.

To do this Lazy Minting, you just need to activate the “Free Mining” feature during the creation process.

Free Mint on Flow

It’s another way to mint for free on Rarible and an efficient blockchain designed specifically for NFT. With this Flow, you only pay a fraction of a cent like the gas fee.

Have the opportunity to contact Rarible users

When it comes to shopping, trading, you are expecting to earn a bargain. Communication is lagging just like these digital purchasing platforms. In real world trading

  1. can you tell the seller, how much are you willing to pay?
  2. You can request unsold items listed for sale.
  3. You can ask more about the product and its importance.

Rarible created the first cross-chain messaging service called Rarible Messenger. It allows you to negotiate, collaborate or share your information with other users on Rarible.

Follow your favorite users on Rarible

There are so many NFT creators on Rarible, no one can curate all of those collections every day. It is overwhelming to acknowledge all the users and their creations.

It is solved by using tracking and the watch after screen. Do it as we guide below;

When you view the profiles of your favorite collectors/artists/friends on Rarible, you can see a follow button. Click it to follow.

Then to see all your followers go to the homepage and click on the following tab to see them all. You can only view their activities. This way you can manage all your required users easily on Rarible.

You can collect royalties for your collection

Have you created your collection other than Rarible? Even then, you can own it and possibly earn royalties for your collection on the Rarible marketplace. Use the instructions below, as we mentioned.

On the home screen, click the ellipsis and select the claim button. You will receive a success message, as long as you are logged into the correct wallet. You can now control your collection, by adding a description, uploading your profile picture, setting royalties and more.

Moreover, on royalties, you can create split royalties. With that, you can provision the community vault, team members, and in turn, their fair share of collaboration.

Advantages Rarible

  • It’s an all-in-one marketplace where not only you can buy or buy NFT buffet, but also create your own NFT from your digital content.
  • You are allowed to change the price, even if you have created or listed your content on Rarible. It’s free and can be done at any time.
  • Even if you think, the cost of your listed item is too high, you can bid it.
  • Since Rarible is integrated with OpenSea, your entries are also viewed on OpenSea. It’s another popular market and has a huge following.
  • The royalty system allows content owners to monetize their sold NFTs.
  • Besides the ETH wallet, Rarible offers you to pay with debit cards, credit cards, and even Google Pay.
  • You are allowed to connect your existing wallet to Rarible, instead of creating a separate account. Your current wallet must be one of the following; Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, Torus, Portis, Wallet Connect or Fortmatic.
  • With the ability to verify and report artists, Rarible provides security and protection services for their customers’ items.
  • Rarible offers RARI to NFT sellers and buyers and voting rights, potentially influencing the platform and other powers.
  • Rarible has its own social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Discord, and Medium.

Rarible Cons

  • To use the Rarible platform itself, you must connect your wallet on Rarible.
  • It charges 2.5% of the total transaction amount from both parties i.e. seller and buyer.
  • Without the involvement of the ETH crypto wallet, you can exercise deposit and withdrawal options.
  • It takes time and knowledge to create your own wallet with Rarible.

Is Rarible safe to use?

Blockchain technology is used by Rarible to provide the safest and most secure service to their customers. Until anyone buys your NFT, it remains in your wallet.

Make sure you don’t give out your seed phrase to anyone. With that said, anyone can claim to be the Rarible team. Since they never directly message you first, for asking any of your details.

OLDconsists of:

Rarible is a best platform to make profit with your investment. With prior knowledge or guidance, make your investment. Use the tracking feature on Rarible and make maximum profit. With the help of the comments section on this article, you can contact us to get all your questions answered.

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