How to get your App reviewed by App review sites?

How to review your Application?

Mobile App Development is a bit expensive process and it requires great skill, time and effort to achieve a really good and competitive mobile app. Developers work hard to create quality apps and marketers work harder and smarter every day to get the best visibility and huge number of downloads for their apps. use. Having a good app that really solves a user’s problem or provides a huge amount of utility is the first step to success, although in this fiercely competitive App ecosystem, it’s not easy to stay afloat. pop in the crowd. Not every app like Google Tez was able to attract more than 0.4 million users within a day of its launch. So the question arises out of so many possible activities, which one have you chosen to get your app to stand up to the maximum number of users in the shortest amount of time? So, based on various surveys we’ve done online on app marketers/app publishers/app developers, we’ve found that the coverage of apps on popular review sites and blogs is considered the second best marketing tactic after News. And now, we have to answer the question How to get your App rated on App Review sites, so let’s get started.

And before we discuss the exact tactics of how to evaluate your app, I want you to consider that it’s not just so called “reviewer” sites you can put your app on. your app, but can also promote your app to professional blogs (relevant or not mobile or tech related), social media influencers, and news journalists for this purpose. You just need to identify the right people and the right platforms to target and start the process with the simple tool of engaging email. The process of getting your app to stand out on review sites is not an easy process and completely depends on the site/blogger’s preferences, the uniqueness of the app and how you present it. with the writer. The success rate is between 5 and 10% and that will only accomplish your goal if it is done right. Let’s discuss some simple tips on how to evaluate your app. Bonus for you, check this out if you want to access our application cost calculator, which will tell you exactly how much it costs to build an app.

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1. Professional App Review Site:-

There are many app review sites on the internet that write specifically about the apps they think are useful for their visitors. Now, it is conceivable that they will write for free about the latest trending apps to stay ahead of the competition. So in most cases, if your app is not unique, then you should pitch app review sites with an offer that may not necessarily be just money, but also may be barter. But first, it’s important to identify a list of such sites and then send them personalized pitches to claim app coverage. Some of the most popular mobile app review sites are AndroidTapp and AppsZoom. And you can find more by simple google search.

You should consider the following factors before choosing an App review site:-

– Make sure the site has a good readership and you can find this out using the Alexa traffic tool easily.
Check the demographics of the traffic they are getting.

– See if readers are engaged by looking at blog comments, social share counts, and other factors.

Now, start contacting the owners of these websites, with a compelling email pitch while also interested in the following points:-

– Personalize your E-mail, it looks like you are familiar with their blog/site already. Make sure the pitch is not cold and not aggressive. Just write why your app deserves to be featured on their website and how it will provide value to their readers. You should share other places where you’ve had your apps in the past.

– Include the App name, core USP, logo and short description along with links to app and app store landing pages, screenshots and video demonstrations (no more than one minute), you can pack all this in google drive and just share the link.

– After sending the pitch, don’t annoy the webmaster with regular follow-up, just wait and move on.

2. Professional bloggers (Regarding Mobile Apps, startups, tech news):-

Similar to how you would pitch to website owners, you should contact professional bloggers who mainly write about mobile apps and related topics (like new technology, startups, next-generation technology, etc.). Professional app reviewers have their own blogs and they write sponsored or free app reviews. A major part of their blog revenue comes from contextual advertising so you should emphasize on the “context” of the app that can bring them more traffic, they will love it for sure. .

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3. Contact multiple bloggers (can also blog for other domains):-

You can also send app reviews pitch emails to bloggers of other fields and sometimes it works like a miracle. Like, if you have a fitness app then you will obviously contact fitness or lifestyle bloggers but you can also ping food or even sports bloggers or even sports bloggers. lifestyle blogger to write about your app, and that can bring in some “unique audience” for your app. The idea is that, even a blogger of different domains, but with a large readership and some sort of trustworthy reputation, also a good app reviewer for you as an app reviewer professionally.

4. Reach social media influencers:-

You can also spread your app across social media platforms by reaching out to social media influencers. Social influencers have a large following of fans, and so they can help promote your app by recommending it to their regular audience. Usually, the social media celebrities who get the most loyal readership are magazines, food and diet experts, self-healers and fitness trainers, etc. So look no further. Find people who engage well with the same demographic you want to target and then tout them to share your app and ask their followers to download your app. In most cases it will cost them some money instead of writing about your app, but it might be worth it if they agree to write at least 5-6 times in a month, so you get your app ads. used in conjunction with a number of trademarks – registered in the mind of the target market.

5. Press coverage:-

Last but certainly not least (in fact, app promotion tactics first and foremost), Newspapers work best. News reporters will now voluntarily cover your app if it serves a social purpose or is innovative enough or is unique in any way. But most apps aren’t as unique as Uber (when it was launched as the first taxi aggregator) or Paytm, so it’s relatively easier to link your App to some cause social and get some traction and if you can’t link your App with for social reason then try to make your marketing campaign fit any social aspect like So the goal is to gain traction.

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Let’s understand this with an example. Let’s say you’ve recently developed a ride-sharing app like Bla-Bla Car and you’re sending a promotional email to this magazine to showcase your app as just another ride-sharing app. Do you think it is enough for the journal to consider your application? I guess not. Why?, because there are so many other struggling car sharing apps in the market. However, you can be a smart person and advertise it as if it were an app targeted to reduce traffic jams, pollution, fuel consumption in your first target city and If you are looking for cooperation from the media to help spread the idea then it is likely that you will be heard. You can do so by pitching an effective video or animation that highlights that cause.

Plus, even if your app doesn’t get the news, you can still earn money by innovating in your marketing campaign. Considering the same ride sharing app example, if you can’t get magazine attention to your app with a simple offer, you can think about creating an advertising campaign. promotions like giving away free rides to people in your own cars with your app’s logo, weekends, quick interviews and selfies, all in lieu of them announcing their experience on FB or twitter with a trendy hashtag and chances are now media comes to you asking about the app and the whole campaign and then you can capitalize the same. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned during my research on the topic of How to get your app reviewed on app review sites, I have reviewed my firsthand experience. app publishers and marketers, my own experience with our recent apps (including the one Pregmo got mentioned by Huffpost), and also leveraging some of the long experience in marketing with BTL activities. I’m glad if this article helps you a little, feel free to send your suggestions or other tips on How to get your app review [email protected]

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