How to validate an app idea, and launch!

Validating an app idea is the first step you should take at the end before hiring a mobile app development company or developing the app yourself. It is a well-known fact that 99% of the ideas created by the human mind are not unique. The same goes for app development, so if you come up with a great idea don’t develop it blindly and learn first. how to validate an app idea and perform the simple tricks that we will discuss in this post. Need to find out if your app idea provides any added value to your target audience or is it really worthy of development? Thinking about these consequences can ultimately avert a major or sophisticated business risk.

Validate mobile app ideas
Validate your app ideas using these tactics

Now let’s discuss the different methods you can use to validate your app idea.

  1. Share app ideas with friends: We at Agicent believe that sharing app ideas doesn’t spoil it and therefore always encourage our customers to let their app ideas get the attention of experts, their friends and even public evaluation. You don’t have to hesitate to share your app ideas with your colleagues, friends or anyone else you might interact with. There’s a good chance you might even be able to identify a hole in the app idea yourself, or get a long list of suggested features while the conversation goes on.

It’s important to note here that the people you’re interacting with could be future users of your app. So, gather as much information about the app idea from as many people as possible. This will give you insight into your ideas and how people might react to your developed app.

  1. Get online feedback on your app idea:

In your quest to get your app ideas directly validated by potential customers, you can also leverage the power of the Internet. You can use online surveys and social media polls to get thousands of user reviews instantly and then review these user reviews to evaluate ideas. your application.

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To take surveys online, you can use Google Forms or any other similar tool to create a basic set of questionnaires where you want to ask people about your app idea. Then, share the created user feedback form with your target audience. People will then fill out the form and send it back. You can then read their responses to see how they feel about your app idea.

For social media polls, you can use Facebook and Twitter. Both of these social media platforms allow you to create polls that you can share in your circles and ask people to vote. Based on the number of votes for each option, you can evaluate your mobile app idea.

  1. Use tools to validate app ideas:

Interestingly, there are many online tools like Viima and IdeaSquare that you can help you evaluate your app ideas. You can share and discuss your application ideas with other users on these portals. However, make sure you get a patent for your app idea before sharing it online as it can also be very easily stolen by others.

  1. Competitive analysis:

Once you have taken note of all the reviews from the previous methods, you will definitely have a better understanding of whether your application idea is viable and even if it does, people Will you be reluctant to use your platform or feel encouraged?

Now this is the next step i.e. Competitive analysis. With over 3 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2 million apps in the Apple App Store, it’s likely that the app idea you’re about to come up with has been realized. A simple Google or Play Store and App Store search can show you related apps with the same idea as you thought. If you find some low quality apps it’s a green signal to start the app development process. Conversely, if there are multiple applications sharing the same idea, two things can be done:

  1. Find another idea with low competition, or
  2. If you want to stick to your current app idea then do some aggressive competitive analysis.
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In competitive analysis, you have to see how well existing applications are doing, from the funding they are receiving, and most importantly, identify their missing features (call them areas). distance area). See if you can add those missing functionalities to your app idea as it will help you stand out from your competitors and grab the attention of potential customers.

  1. Market analysis:

After successfully analyzing your competitors, you can step into Market analysis. Having a validated app idea at this stage will help you to analyze the current market in terms of market size, demographics, previous trends etc and you can create a launch strategy and plan Better overall marketing plan.

  1. Download the MVP app:

MVP stands for Minimum viable product where you launch a product in the market with some limited but “most attractive” features and then notice user behavior with the same product. If they like the product idea, you can then launch another set of attributes and eventually end up presenting a full-fledged product to your audience for a period of time.

If you’ve been planning to get the MVP app for your app idea, you can hire our team of experienced Android developers and iOS developers to get the job done. Not only that, we will also help you validate your app idea, analyze its market scope, along with all App Development & Design services.

App Sponsorship:

This is also an important aspect of validating a mobile app idea as you cannot expect an investor to knock on your door the next day when you launch your app. Yes, it may be true but the chances are quite rare because in most cases you need to show the results to the investors to convince them to invest. Thinking about worst-case scenarios, you need to ask yourself one question, “how long can i make the app live without funding? ” If you can answer then go ahead and start the execution plan, otherwise you need to choose an appropriate revenue model for your app idea to keep it working until and unless when you receive an offer from an investor.

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Many of our clients who are getting into app development for the first time don’t easily master app monetization techniques, so we at Agicent App Development Company help them understand the pros and cons of each. app monetization strategies and help them choose between freemium, subscription-based, and other revenue plans according to their best fit.

So readers, here are some methods that you can use to validate your app idea. If you are still confused then please contact us. We will guide you through the whole process with our 8+ years of app development experience and provide you with an affordable app quote to turn your app idea into reality. Alternatively, you can use our app costing tool to measure app creation costs.

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