Top App Development Companies in Columbus

Since we have covered so many US cities for top app development companies, the next company on the list is Columbus. App developers are now ubiquitous with locations almost anywhere in the world. Apps are a necessity in many business sectors today. So required app developers would be quite better off if they could be specifically set. This helps to produce more customized results. To make this list of Top Application Development Companies in Columbus, we have considered several factors which I will share here. These factors are:

  • The popularity that this company holds in the market.
  • The group of customers they have successfully served.
  • Users receive ratings for all the results they provide.
  • Number of years of experience they hold in the business field.

With a close analysis, keeping these factors as criteria, the following companies have become the Top Application Development Company in Columbus:

1. Ghost Lab

Clutch Review: 5.0

Ghost Labs was established not too early in 2015. It is clear from its evaluation that, with only 4 years of service, they have impressed many of their customers. Ghost Lab is a top rated software development and user experience design agency. They work with their clients to help strategize digital products. They are a small group of developers working together to develop an advantage over others. With all these quality products for their customers, Ghost Lab is now a confirmed name in this list of Top Application Development Companies in Columbus.

2. Big Kitty Lab

Clutch rating: 4.8

They believe and follow that nothing is unattainable. It was founded in 2008 with its roots in software development. Their team of innovation enthusiasts, software developers, designers and strategists are experienced partners to the startup and investment communities. They are renowned experts in ideation, innovation, product definition, rapid prototyping, and investor communication.

Big Kitty Labs has been a part of the origin stories of nearly 100 products and is proud to be a part of that creative and evolutionary journey. The great thing about them is that they can work with first time entrepreneurs coming up with many unique ideas as well as with established companies looking for a new punch and solution. Working with an external partner can certainly be helpful in evolutionary change. All these points clearly put Big Kitty Labs on this list of Top App Development Companies in Columbus.

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3. Double test

This company was established in 2011. It is a small but powerful team with the spirit to achieve higher goals. Developing websites and applications is a rather expensive and sometimes inactive process. So test twice to figure this out by generating some different code for their client.

Dual Test is essentially a consulting agency that has top-level developers deployed as remote additions to their client pool. They provide services and products to customers in an efficient way even after they have left. Such services make it part of the Top Application Development Companies in Columbus.


It was founded in 2004 as a web and mobile application company. With strategic plans, they are known to seize big opportunities and solve big problems. They serve all 3 purposes of a strategist, innovator and designer for their clients. This is hard to find in any other company. They shine in situations where simple and graceful web and mobile apps can make a difference in business.

They believe that if technology is used properly, it can make the lives of customers and customers easier. So they consider it as one of the Top Application Development Companies in Columbus.

5. Web Design NEXT

NEXTFLY was founded in 2000 and is a Search Engine Optimization SEO and web design company. So it’s basically a digital marketing company providing services nationwide since 18 years. First they develop a website for any company in need. They also stay then by establishing good customer relationships to maintain the website. This leads to an online presence that caters to the changing needs of the search engines.

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All of these points of success and their stellar team are spread across the country, with office locations in Phoenix, Arizona, Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana. So Nextfly is definitely one of the top Application Development Companies in Columbus.

6. Dash Technologies Inc.

Dash Technologies was founded in 2011 with the idea of ​​a global solution provider. It currently deals with global IT recruitment, services, solutions and engineering. The team is comprised of technology experts, creative talent, self-managed professionals, excellence, and dedicated to serving their US customers. They specialize in transforming their clients’ business continuity by providing the right insight, implementing the most sought after technology solutions.

With such a customized approach, Dash Technologies is one of the Top Application Development Companies in Columbus.

7. m2 marketing, LLC

This company was founded in 2004. It provides graphic design and web solutions to clients. M2 Marketing is an innovative agency that uses web-based technology to develop cost-effective, customized solutions to meet customer needs. Their services range from traditional web design/development and graphic design to custom web or mobile apps built for a specific purpose/use.

Hence, m2 marketing, LLC is a new name on this list of Top Application Development Companies in Columbus.

8. Benson Media

It is a leading digital marketing company with complete solution IT services. They provide proven effective and innovative solutions that maximize revenue. Benson media helps increase the visibility of brands on different media sites.

It also helps to deliver products to potential customers. In this way, Benson media helps with web design and mobile app development. This leads to companies using technology in the most efficient way possible. So it is one of the Top Application Development Companies in Columbus.

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9. Doe-Anderson Advertising

This is the oldest company on the list that was founded in 1915. And it really proves the saying “You have to be this good”. Well, it’s not easy to get this old in this competitive world. They have proven that creating deep and lasting relationships with our brand’s core customers, regardless of business type, is the most effective method to grow our clients’ businesses.

They create impactful brand experiences that inspire and motivate customers, resulting in great customer satisfaction. This makes Doe-Anderson Ads the first on this list of Top App Development Companies in Columbus.

10. Digiprima technology

This is the newest company on the list, founded in 2016. In just 2 years, Digiprima Technologies has made it to the list of Top Application Development Companies in Columbus. They provide enterprise solutions as well as web and mobile development. It’s a full Stack Development and Creative Design agency that transforms your ideas into beautiful apps, games and products. They follow a customer-centric approach to dealing with their customers.

With this we conclude our list of Top Application Development Companies in Columbus. We’ve compiled the best results, but still if we missed something you can always mail us back. [email protected] Or you can contact the comment section below.

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